The Nimboja Community, a precolombian town

In our area there have been found a large amount of artifacts from the pre-Columbian time, including unusual objects such as stone statues. We have a small exhibition about these findings, and you can see a large collection of ceramics at a school in the city.

Venecia´s Ruins

On the shores of the Laguna de Masaya are the remains of the summer House of General Moncada, who was President of Nicaragua 1928-32, who was known and disputed as a president which caused Sandino, a national hero, to take up arms again. In a brief period Venice was House of Government, and therefore a historical place.

Other tours

Flor de Pochote´s location at one end of the volcanic complex of the Masaya Volcano offers a wide range of exploring tours to know this great nature and the way that this has been integrated into the life of human beings. See tours


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