Our Trees

Flor de Pochote has more than one hundred species of trees that can be seen from the terrace and the trails. Informational posters and signs on the trees help identification.
Requirements to the participant, none, advantage being able to read Spanish.

Bird Watching

The area is rich in birds, vegetation and the varied habitat the that volcanic area and the Masaya lagoon provides. We have posters and support literature. Requirements to the participant: you can begin wathcing from the terrace, but to see more variety you have to walk a bit.

Volcanic Geology

Learn about the formation of craters and different kinds of stones on nearby roads, or eventually climbing the rocks. Requirements to the participant a little curiosity and physical conditions according to tour selected.


Walk through the paths surrounded by fruit crops, trees, rock formations, nice views, etc., Requirements the participant firm shoes, by the unevenness of some trails.

Learning to elaborate wine

Participate in the process of elaboration of our wine. A product made from organic fruits cultivated at Flor de Pochote. Our specialty is the Marañón, wine with its strong but pleasant taste. We have also experienced other flavors: guanabana, mandarine, mamon, grapefruit and pitahaya, depending on the season


Flor de Pochote is an agroecological and forestry farm that provides rural and community tourism services and adventures activities, including meals and sleeping facilities.